All milestones

1750–1775: Diplomatic Struggles in the Colonial Period

1776–1783: Diplomacy and the American Revolution

1784–1800: The Diplomacy of the Early Republic

1801–1829: Securing the Republic

1830–1860: Diplomacy and Westward Expansion

1861–1865: The Civil War and International Diplomacy

1866–1898: The Continued Expansion of United States Interests

1899–1913: Defending U.S. International Interests

1914–1920: World War One and Wilsonian Diplomacy

1921–1936: Interwar Diplomacy

1937–1945: Diplomacy and the Road to Another War

1945–1952: The Early Cold War

1953–1960: Entrenchment of a Bi-Polar Foreign Policy

1961–1968: The Presidencies of John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson

1969–1976: The Presidencies of Richard M. Nixon and Gerald R. Ford

1977–1981: The Presidency of Jimmy Carter

1981–1988: The Presidency of Ronald W. Reagan

1989–1992: The Presidency of George H.W. Bush

1993–2000: The Presidency of William J. Clinton