Building on its long tradition of working with the academic community, the Office of the Historian has expanded its outreach efforts by producing quality teaching materials on diplomacy for American middle and high school students. These include:

  1. Documents on Diplomacy: Primary Source Documents and Lessons from the World of Foreign Affairs, 1775-2011 (2011);
  2. When the Border Vanishes: Diplomacy and the Threat to our Environment and Health (2010);
  3. A Journey Shared: The United States and China, 200 Years of History (2008);
  4. Today in Washington: the Media and Diplomacy (2006);
  5. Sports and Diplomacy in the Global Arena (2005);
  6. A History of Diplomacy (2004); and
  7. Terrorism: A War without Borders (2002).

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The Office of the Historian continues to expand its efforts to integrate teaching about American diplomacy into all the social studies disciplines through teacher workshops and training sessions at national conferences.

The Office has also played a foundational role in the first Department of Education Teaching American History grant ever awarded on U.S. foreign policy.