740.00119 EW/7–2145: Telegram

No. 903
The Assistant Secretary of State (Clayton) to the Acting Secretary of State


Victory 149. Acting Secretary of State Washington from Clayton.

While Pauley concurs in Department’s interpretation of his instructions to Adams, (reurtel No. 40 of July 18 [17], 19451) in view of Soviet efforts to subordinate payment for necessary imports into Germany to delivery for reparations of even current production of [sic] stocks of goods in Germany, he emphasizes his interest, as suggested in your wire, in securing payment or an enforceable obligation for payment of all interim exports of current production and stocks of goods. The whole question of approved imports into Germany as constituting a first charge on all exports of current production and stocks of goods from Germany has been submitted to the heads of government here and it may be advisable to delay reply to British note2 until this issue is resolved.