Friday, July 20, 1945


  1. J. C. S. 199th Meeting.
  2. Time of meeting from the heading cited in footnote 2 to document No. 861, post.
  3. Byrnes was Churchill’s guest for luncheon, presumably at the latter’s quarters, 23 Ringstrasse, Babelsberg. All information on this meeting is from the London Times, July 21, 1945, p. 4.
  4. C. C. S. 197th Meeting.
  5. The conversation took place at 51 Ringstrasse, Babelsberg. All information on it is based on rough informal notes taken by Morse, the gist of which was given to Department of State historians by Morse in a conversation of November 30, 1955.
  6. This is the time given on the cover sheet of the Thompson minutes. The Log (ante, p. 16) indicates that the meeting was called to order at 4:05 p.m.
  7. This conversation took place at the Cecilienhof Palace after the Fourth Plenary Meeting, perhaps during the buffet luncheon which was served in the dining room of the Palace following adjournment of that meeting (see ante, p. 16).
  8. The date is deduced from the reference in document No. 1025, post, to “Maisky’s proposal of July 20 for immediate internationalization of the Ruhr.” The time is deduced from Maisky’s reference to “tonight”.