740.00119 (Potsdam)/7–3145

No. 904
Proposal by the Soviet Delegation1


Soviet Draft

Under the “war trophies” is understood:

All military supplies and equipment of Germany, including all supplies and military equipment, which belong, [were]2 being used or [Page 847] have to be used by the military and para military units of the enemy or by the members of these units;
All supplies and equipment used by the enemy to satisfy his military needs and captured by the Allies before the end of the war on territories where military operations were conducted.

  1. A variant copy in the Pauley Files of this proposal and of that in document No. 905 is headed, “Following Definitions Submitted by the Soviet Government to the Economic Sub-Committee July 21, 1945”. A copy in Frankfurt USPolAd Files has the following notation by Murphy: “Maisky insists that the Soviet Union has the right to take and remove anything & everything from its zone of occupation. ‘Maybe we won’t exercise it.’”
  2. Manuscript interpolation in a copy of this document in the Pauley Files. This copy is marked: “As presented by Maiski”. Another copy in these files is marked: “Note: Mr. Maisky says Equipment means, plants, machinery, coal mines, etc.—You have a right to take them, but of course you may yield your right here and there.”