TrumanStalin meeting, noon1

1. The meeting was held at Truman’s quarters, 2 Kaiserstrasse, Babelsberg. Stalin and his party called on Truman at noon and stayed for luncheon. Information as to time and participants other than Vyshinsky from the Log (ante, p. 12). Vyshinsky’s presence is mentioned in a diary entry by Truman dated July 19, printed in William Hillman, Mr. President: The First Publication From the Personal Diaries, Private Letters, Papers and Revealing Interviews of Harry S. Truman (New York, 1952), p. 123.

United States Soviet Union
President Truman Generalissimo Stalin
Secretary Byrnes Foreign Commissar Molotov
Mr. Bohlen Mr. Pavlov
Fleet Admiral Leahy2 Mr. Vyshinsky
  1. Leahy apparently joined the meeting when luncheon was served. See Leahy, I Was There, pp. 396–397.