First plenary meeting, 5 p.m. 1

1. This is the time given on the cover sheet of the Thompson minutes. The Log (ante, p. 12) indicates that the meeting was called to order at 5:10 following a 10-minute period given over to an exchange of greetings and the making of motion and still pictures.

United States United Kingdom Soviet Union
President Truman Prime Minister Churchill Generalissimo Stalin
Secretary Byrnes Foreign Secretary Eden Foreign Commissar Molotov
Fleet Admiral Leahy Mr. Attlee Mr. Vyshinsky
Mr. Harriman Sir Alexander Cadogan Mr. Gromyko
Mr. Pauley Sir Archibald Clark Kerr Mr. Gusev
Mr. Davies Sir William Strang Mr. Novikov
Mr. Dunn Major Birse Mr. Sobolev
Mr. Clayton Mr. Pavlov
Mr. Cohen
Mr. Matthews
Mr. Bohlen
Mr. Thompson 2

[[Unnumbered document following Document 710 (#9)]] Thompson Minutes

Truman Papers

[[Unnumbered document following Document 710 (#10)]] Cohen Notes

Truman Papers

  1. Thompson’s presence is assumed from his authorship of the minutes.