Wednesday, July 25, 1945


  1. The meeting was held at Truman’s quarters, 2 Kaiserstrasse, Babelsberg. Information as to time, place, and participants from the Log, ante, p. 20.
  2. The date and time given in the heading are drawn from a list of appointments in the Mikołajczyk Papers. Cf., however, (1) a memorandum of July 28 from Harriman to Dunn and Matthews (file No. 860c.01/8–945) transmitting translations of memoranda which Mikołajczyk had handed to Harriman “the night we saw him” and (2) a memorandum of August 9, 1945, from Dunn to Matthews (same file) which refers to “the evening you and I and Mr. Harriman had a talk” with Mikołajczyk.
  3. This meeting was a courtesy call by Secretary of War Stimson on Stalin, who served also as People’s Commissar for Defense.