Tripartite dinner meeting, 8:30 p.m.1

1. Churchill as host. The dinner was held at Churchill’s quarters, 23 Ring strasse, Babelsberg. List of participants (other than Moran) from the Log, ante, p. 18.

United States United Kingdom Soviet Union
President Truman Prime Minister Churchill Generalissimo Stalin
Secretary Byrnes Foreign Secretary Eden Foreign Commissar Molotov
Fleet Admiral Leahy Mr. Attlee Army General Antonov
General of the Army Marshall Field Marshal Alexander Marshal of the Soviet Union Zhukov
Fleet Admiral King Admiral of the Fleet Cunningham Marshal of Aviation Fodalev [Falaleyev?]
General of the Army Arnold Field Marshal Wilson Admiral of the Fleet Kuznetzov
Mr. Bohlen Sir Edward Bridges
Field Marshal Montgomery
Marshal of the Royal Air Force Portal
Field Marshal Brooke
Commander Thompson
Major Birse
Lord Moran2

[[Unnumbered document following Document 710 (#82)]] Editor’s Note

811.001 Truman, H. S./7–2445

  1. Moran’s presence is mentioned in Ernest J. King and Walter Muir Whitehill, Fleet Admiral King: A Naval Record (New York, 1952), p. 614.