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No. 796
Proposal by the Soviet Delegation 1

Text of a Letter Transmitted on July 12 to the Representatives of the U. S. and U. K. governments on the allied Control Commission in Hungary

In view of the changed situation in connection with the termination of the war against Germany, the Soviet Government finds it necessary to establish the following order of work for the Allied Control Commission in Hungary:


1. During the period up to the conclusion of peace with Hungary the President (or Vice President) of the ACC will regularly call conferences with the British and American representatives for the purpose of discussing the most important questions relating to the work of the ACC. The conferences will be called once in 10 days, or more frequently in case of need.

Directives of the ACC on questions of principle will be issued to the Hungarian authorities by the President of the Allied Control Commission after coordinating these directives with the English and American representatives.

2. The British and American representatives in the ACC will take part in general conferences of heads of divisions and delegates of the ACC, convoked by the President of the ACC, which meetings will be regular in nature. The British and American representatives will also participate personally or through their representatives in appropriate instances in mixed commissions created by the President of the ACC for questions connected with the execution by the ACC of its functions.

3. Free movement by the American and British representatives in the country will be permitted provided that the ACC is previously informed of the time and route of the journeys.

4. All questions connected with permission for the entrance and exit of members of the staff of the British and American representatives in Hungary will be decided on the spot by the President of the ACC within a time limit of not more than one week.

5. The bringing in and sending out by plane of mail, cargoes and diplomatic couriers will be carried out by the British and American representatives on the ACC under arrangements and within time limits established by the ACC, or in special cases by previous coordination with the President of the ACC.

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I consider it necessary to add to the above that in all other points the existing Statutes regarding the ACC in Hungary, which was confirmed on January 20, 1945, shall remain in force in the future.

  1. Circulated by the Soviet Delegation at the Berlin Conference, apparently on July 24 (see ante, p. 324) and certainly before July 26 (see document No. 819). It is placed here because of its close connection with document No. 797. Cf. document No. 1383, section xii (xi), and document No. 794, footnote 6. For similar proposals relating to Bulgaria and Rumania, see vol. i, document No. 309, and document No. 797, infra.