740.00119 Potsdam/8–745: Telegram

No. 720
The Ambassador in China ( Hurley ) to the Secretary of State 1

top secret

Sent by ComNavGr China. (The following message is top secret and urgent for Byrnes, Secretary of State, Potsdam, Germany, from Hurley.)

Reference your Victory 375. July 27th.2 At 1240 hours,3 Chungking time, August 1st, the Generalissimo authorized the Soviet Ambassador, the British Ambassador and myself to cable at once the following to our respective Governments.

(1) The Chinese Government concurs in the proposals for the establishment of a Council of Foreign Ministers. (2) The Chinese Government takes pleasure in accepting membership in the Council.

British and American Ambassadors presented notes. The Soviet Ambassador stated that he had received the directive from his Government but that a translation had not been completed. The Generalissimo then suggested that each of the Ambassadors immediately notify his Government as above. The Generalissimo’s written concurrence and acceptance to follow as soon as Soviet Ambassador presents note which will be today.

  1. Sent by the Commander, Naval Group, China, via Navy channels. An identical message, numbered Cfb 2327, was sent by the Commanding General, United States Forces, China.
  2. Document No. 715.
  3. i. e., 12:40 p.m.