740.00119 Potsdam/8–745: Telegram

No. 719
The Ambassador in China (Hurley) to the Secretary of State1

top secret

(The following message is top secret and urgent for the eyes alone of Byrnes, Secretary of State, Potsdam, Germany, from Hurley.)

After receiving your directive2 today in regard to the Council of Foreign Ministers I arranged a meeting with British and Soviet Ambassadors. Neither British nor Soviet Ambassadors had at that time received text of agreement on Council of Foreign Ministers from their Governments. Since then the British Ambassador has received the text. Both the British and Soviet Ambassadors agreed that it would be proper for me to suggest to Chiang Kai-shek that the proposed agreement in regard to the Council of Foreign Ministers will be submitted to him officially by the three Ambassadors tomorrow. Both of my colleagues authorized me to advise Chiang Kai-shek informally of the contents of the agreement so that when the official presentation is made he will be prepared to give an immediate answer. I presented the matter informally to the Generalissimo and Prime Minister Soong at 2000 hours3 Chungking time July 31st. They were favorably impressed and indicated that when the matter is officially presented the Generalissimo will give a favorable reply.

I consented to the postponement of the official presentation until tomorrow morning for the purpose of giving the Soviet Ambassador an opportunity to get a directive from his Government. Whether the Soviet Ambassador receives a directive or not we will proceed with the official presentation tomorrow, 1 August, before noon and we are certain that we will be able to despatch a reply from the Generalissimo immediately.

  1. Sent by the Commander, Naval Group, China, via Navy channels.
  2. Document No. 717.
  3. i. e., 8 p.m.