Editor’s Note

—No official record of this conversation has been found. The following subjects were discussed: the use of British vessels in the Pacific for Coronet ;2 United States agreement not to request the conversion of 18 British cargo vessels to troopships, subject to the allocation of the Milwaukee to the United States; the allocation of captured German passenger vessels to the United States;3 the question whether the Milwaukee should be converted in the United States or the United Kingdom and whether this vessel should be manned by American or British crews;4 the inability of the [Page 299] United Kingdom to supply France with coal during the coming winter and the allocation of American shipping for this purpose; United States support of British coal requirements for bunkering, either on a lend-lease or a pay basis; possible British payment of charter hire for Italian vessels; possible Italian membership in the United Maritime Authority;5 shipping aspects of a possible revision of the Italian armistice terms and of a peace treaty for Italy; disposition of captured German vessels, the use of the Soviet share in the war against Japan, and the possibility that the Soviet Union might wish to man these vessels; possible Soviet membership in the United Maritime Authority; the relationship of the new Polish Provisional Government of National Unity to the United Maritime Authority;6 British consent to United States participation in the work of the Capcraft commission7 in the light of needs of the United States Navy for sea-going tugs for use in Coronet ; the mechanism in London to be used for the division of captured German vessels as between the United States and the United Kingdom; and a draft British paper8 on shipping programs intended for submission to the August meeting of the Council of the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration.

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