Department of the Army Files: Telegram

No. 1193
The Representative on the London Branch of the United Maritime Executive Board ( Carnwath ) and the Regional Director for the Combined United Kingdom and Continental Areas, War Shipping Administration ( Monroe ) to the War Shipping Administrator ( Land ) and the Assistant to the War Shipping Administrator ( Morse )1

Wsa 3843–PO 1. To Potsdam for Admiral Land and Mr. Morse WSA from Carnwath and Monroe WSA signed Eisenhower ref nbr UK 46111.

WSA and MWT on basis of joint recommendation of their technical representatives, have now agreed that Milwaukee should be temporarily repaired in Germany and proceed to USA for fitting. It is hoped that vessel will be ready to leave Germany by August 10 unless unforeseen damage is discovered in dry dock. While we have agreed with MWT as to manner in which vessel is to be sailed to USA, it would be helpful if you could agree with Leathers as to whether WSA or MWT should man and operate this vessel. You will recall that this decision was deferred. If this question is decided now we will be able to determine whether U. S. or British Navy should effect seizure of vessel in prise (British Navy has not taken any action in this respect). Furthermore, it would be practical for the country who is going to be responsible for manning and operating the vessel to handle the manning and operation for the voyage from Germany to USA. If you find time to do so, therefore, it is suggested that an effort be made to arrive at an agreement as to this matter with Leathers. MWT have sent similar message to Leathers.

  1. Sent by the United Kingdom Base Section of Eisenhower’s command via Army channels.