Department of the Army Files: Telegram

No. 1132
The Representative on the London Branch of the United Maritime Executive Board ( Carnwath ) and the Regional Director for the Combined United Kingdom and Continental Areas, War Shipping Administration ( Monroe ) to the War Shipping Administrator ( Land ) and the Assistant to the War Shipping Administrator ( Morse )1

To Potsdam for Admiral Land and Mr. Morse WSA from Carnwath and Monroe WSA signed Eisenhower ref nr UK 46112. Wsa 3844–PO2.

1. There follows in para 2 text of note addressed by Brunk to Burch. Please advise me through Army WSA position. I assume you will discuss this matter with Weston.

2. “As our two governments have now withdrawn recognition of the former Polish Government in London and have recognized the Warsaw Government, I have given instructions, with which I hope you will concur, that UMA papers and minutes should cease to be sent to the officials of the former Polish Government in London. I have also asked the chairmen of committees not to invite them to meetings nor to communicate with them further on UMA matters. We do not yet know what arrangements the new Polish Government will make for representation on UMEB.

“I am quite uncertain which Polish Government is recognized by any of the other contracting governments. Strictly perhaps our attitude should be agreed with them, but I should be inclined not to raise this point.

[“]We should be glad to know if WSA agree with what we have done and are taking similar action in Washington.”

  1. Sent by the United Kingdom Base Section of Eisenhower’s command via Army channels.