740.00119 Potsdam/7–3145

United States Delegation Memorandum1

Pending Questions Before the Conference, Close of Business, July 31, 1945

1. German Reparations.

A subcommittee is to present a draft embodying the agreement reached today.

2. German Economic Principles.

The economic subcommittee is to present a final draft on this subject, particularly in regard to paragraph 19.

3. Italian Reparations.

As no decision has been reached on this question, the Soviets may raise it again.

4. Disposition of the German Fleet and Merchant Marine.

The subcommittee on this question will report tomorrow.

5. Revised Allied Control Commission Procedure in Rumania, Bulgaria and Hungary.

The U. S. paper2 on this subject will come up for discussion tomorrow.

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6. War Crimes.

The Soviets have approved the British draft3 but the question of whether or not certain prominent war criminals should be named remains open.

7. Use of Allied Property for Satellite Reparations or “War Trophies”.

The U. S. paper4 on this subject has not yet been acted upon.

8. German External Assets.

The U. S. proposal5 on this subject is still before the economic subcommittee.

9. Oil for Western Europe.

The economic subcommittee has not yet reported on the U. S. proposal6 on this subject.

10. Allied Oil Equipment in Rumania.

The latest British proposal7 on this subject has not yet been acted upon.

11. Directive to the Military Commanders in Germany.

The subcommittee is awaiting completion of the work of the Conference in relation to Germany.