740.00119 (Potsdam)/7–3145

No. 828
Proposal by the United States Delegation1

Revised Allied Control Commission Procedure in Rumania, Bulgaria, and Hungary

U. S. Draft

The Three Governments have taken note that the Soviet Representatives on the Allied Control Commissions in Rumania, Bulgaria and Hungary, have communicated to their United Kingdom and United States colleagues proposals for improving the work of the Control Commissions, now that hostilities in Europe have ceased. These proposals include provisions for regular and frequent meetings of the three representatives, improved facilities for British and American representatives, and prior joint consideration of directives.

The Three Governments agree that the revision of the procedures of the Allied Control Commissions in these countries will now be undertaken, using as a basis of discussion the above-mentioned proposals, and taking into account the interests and responsibilities of the three Governments which together presented the terms of armistice to the respective countries.

  1. Submitted at the Eleventh Plenary Meeting, July 31. See ante, p. 525. It is also referred to as a United States draft in the minutes of the Twelfth Plenary Meeting, August 1. See ante, p. 575. A copy in the Truman Papers, however, without date and without the subheading “U. S. Draft”, bears the manuscript notation: “Later Committee Proposal”.