740.00119 Potsdam/7–3045

No. 1432
Text Submitted by the Soviet Delegation1


Draft Entry for the Protocol

Declaration of the Soviet Government Concerning the Soviet Prisoner-of-War Camp in the Cesenatico District (Italy)

The Soviet delegation transmitted an aide-mémoire on this question to the delegations of the United States of America and Great Britain3 (see enclosure No.4).

Prime Minister Churchill and Field Marshal Alexander gave a clarification on this matter.5 The Soviet delegation declared that it considered this question closed.

  1. Submitted to the Protocol Subcommittee. No section on this subject, however, was included in the Protocol.
  2. Prepared for this volume by the Division of Language Services, Department of State.
  3. For the communication on this subject addressed to the United States Delegation, see document No. 1164.
  4. Enclosure number blank in the original. The enclosure is identical to the attachment to document No. 1164, except that it is dated July 28, 1945.
  5. See ante, pp. 367368.