740.00119 (Potsdam)/8–845

No. 1205
Memorandum by the Executive Secretary of the Central Secretariat (Yost)1
top secret

Berlin Conference


There was comparatively little discussion of Yugoslavia at the Conference. The British presented a proposal3 having in view the implementation of the Yalta Declaration in regard to Yugoslavia. In commenting on this proposal Stalin said that according to his information the Yalta Agreement was being carried out. He furthermore refused to discuss the matter unless Yugoslav representatives were called before the Conference in order to state their point [Page 1213] of view. When the President refused to agree to calling in the Yugoslavs, the British withdrew their paper, though not before Churchill had remarked that the Yalta Declaration on Yugoslavia had been drafted largely by the Americans and he would have thought that they would have wished to insure that it was carried out.

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  1. Printed from an unsigned carbon copy. For the minutes of the discussions summarized in this memorandum, see ante, pp. 127129.
  2. For the other paragraph of this memorandum, see document No. 1087.
  3. Document No. 1202.