740.00119 Potsdam/7–1945

No. 1202
Proposal by the British Delegation


British Proposal Presented to Heads of Governments July 19, 19451

At the Crimea Conference on February 10th the Heads of the three Governments discussed the Yugoslav question2 and agreed to recommend to Marshal Tito and Dr. Šubašić that the agreement between them be put into effect and a new government formed on the basis of the agreement.3

The three Governments have thus endorsed the Tito-Šubašić Agreement, with its guarantees of the basic principles of democratic liberties, in particular personal freedom, freedom from fear, freedom of religion and conscience, freedom of speech, press meetings and associations, and the right of property and private initiative, and with the promise of a democratic election within three months of the Yugoslav liberation.
Doubtless owing to war conditions, the principles set out in the Tito-Šubašić Agreement have not been fully carried out. In view of the declaration issued at Yalta, it is desirable that, at the close of the present meeting, the three Heads of Governments should issue a statement recalling the fact that they had given recognition to the Yugoslav Government on the basis of the Yalta Agreement and the Tito-Šubašić Agreement, which they expect to be fully carried out in the near future.
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