No. 1060
The Deputy Director of the Office of Near Eastern and African Affairs ( Allen ) to the Assistant Secretary of State ( Dunn )


Subject: Greek Elections.

The attached telegram No. 38, July 17, from the Department,1 makes our proposed telegram2 on Greek elections unnecessary.

The Department agrees with the British suggestion in substance but objects to the British text of a joint “invitation” to the Russians. The Department prefers that we and the British propose that the four powers supervise the elections rather than that the United States and the United Kingdom “invite” the Russians and French to participate. I think the Department’s point well taken and believe I can work out a suitable agreement with the appropriate member of the British delegation, if you would like me to try.

The Department also apparently wishes to limit the proposal to supervision of the Greek parliamentary elections and not to include the subsequent plebiscite regarding the King. The Department doubtless thinks that only one bridge should be crossed at a time. I agree.

G[eorge] V A[llen]
  1. Document No. 1059.
  2. Not printed.