No. 1061
The Secretary of State to the Soviet Foreign Commissar ( Molotov )1
top secret

My Dear Mr. Molotov , The Government of the United States is of the view that Allied obligations to Greece and the undertakings [Page 1043] at Yalta make joint Allied assistance in supervising the approaching Greek national elections advisable, in keeping with Allied responsibility to the Greek people. It is accordingly proposed that responsibility for supervising the Greek elections be shared by the Governments of Great Britain, the Soviet Union, France and the United States.

The Greek Government has agreed that the elections be held under the supervision of the four Allies named, in accordance with Article 9 of the Varkiza Agreement, which provides for Allied supervision of these elections. The Government of the United States earnestly hopes that the Soviet Government will agree to the joint supervision as proposed.

Very sincerely yours,

[ James F. Byrnes ]
  1. Printed from an unsigned carbon copy.
  2. The file copy is so dated, but the original was apparently not sent to Molotov until July 20. See ante, pp. 151152.