868.00/7–1745: Telegram

No. 1059
The Acting Secretary of State to the Secretary of State
us urgent

38. Brit FonOff telegram July 141 suggests draft “invitation to be issued simultaneously to Soviet Govt at Terminal and to French Govt in Paris re joint supervision Greek elections. We are in essential agreement but prefer not use words “invite” or “invitation”. Consider phraseology excellent in notes presented to Greek Govt quoted in telegram no. 22 to SecState July 14.2 Suggest draft proposal along following lines:

“In view of Allied obligations to Greece and the undertakings at Yalta,3 the US Govt feels that Allied responsibility to the Greek people makes advisable joint Allied assistance in supervising approaching Greek national elections. It is therefore proposed that the responsibilities in the supervision of the Greek elections be shared by the Brit, the Soviet, the French, and the US Govts. The Greek Govt, which it may be recalled is a signatory to the Varkiza Agreement,4 Article 9 of which provides for Allied supervision of elections, has expressed its agreement that the approaching national elections be held under the supervision of the four Allies named.5 The US Govt earnestly hopes that the Soviet Govt (Govt of France) will agree to participate in the joint supervision of Greek national elections.”

[Page 1042]

Sent to SeeState as no. 38 July 17. Repeated to Paris and Athens.

You may wish to concert with Brit at Terminal on this question and instruct Caffery direct regarding timing and phraseology of approach to French FonOff in collaboration with Brit colleague in Paris.6

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