868.00/7–1445: Telegram

No. 452
The Acting Secretary of State to the Secretary of State
us urgent

22. Amb MacVeagh and Brit colleague called on Greek PriMin July 13 and presented identical notes stating “in view of Allied obligations to Greece and the undertakings at Yalta as well as of Article 9 of the Varkiza Agreement the Govts of the USA and the UK of Great Britain and Northern Ireland have agreed and are willing, in the event [Page 664] of such action being agreeable to the Royal Hellenic Govt, to approach the Govt of the USSR and the Govt of France with the proposal that the approaching Greek national elections be held under the supervision of the four Allies named”[.] In reply PriMin immediately produced signed statement “on behalf of Royal Hellenic Govt I agree”[.]1

You may wish in consultation with Brit to inform Soviets of foregoing developments and express hope that USSR will aid jointly in carrying out Crimea responsibility to Greek people. In event Soviets object to procedure as challenging Greek sovereignty, it might usefully be recalled to their attention that Allied supervision would be in accordance with expressed desires all parties. EAM and KKE especially insistent on “Allied supervision”. Quadripartite cooperation most desirable eventuality. However Amb MacVeagh suggests that if Moscow refuses send Mission US Govt might be deputed by Yalta Powers to act alone in name of Three or Four Great Powers. He feels Greek suspicions unlikely attach our action such conditions, but association with Brit to exclusion Soviets and/or French certain to involve US in anti-Brit charges by Leftists if Leftists unsuccessful in elections. This suggestion not discussed with Brit either Washington or Athens but we believe it merits serious consideration.

Brit suggest and we concur that approach to French Govt in Paris by US and UK Amb should be simultaneous with discussions at Terminal with Soviets. This message being repeated to Paris so that you may reference it and instruct Caffery directly to take action, repeating to Dept. Full background information cabled Caffery today.

Greek PriMin agreed to keep this matter completely confidential until given release by us, but would be grateful for some advance notice. MacVeagh hopes such notice possible in view PriMin’s cooperation.

Assume most acceptable method public release would be joint communiqué from Terminal . In event Soviet refusal to participate or to delegate powers we propose Dept concert with Brit FonOff on agreed simultaneous release to be made Washington and London immediately following Terminal .

Sent to SecState for action as no. 22[.] Repeated to Paris for information and to Athens.

[ Grew ]