800.515/7–2745: Telegram

No. 995
The Acting Chief of the Division of Economic Security Controls (Oliver) to the Chief of the Division of Economic Security Controls (Rubin)1


147. For Rubin from Oliver.

AmLegation Bern believes that démarche on Swiss reported Deptel Victory [sic] 122 July 252 would tend to discourage Swiss cooperation in tracing and disclosing German assets. Bern adds that unlike Spain there is little prospect of dissipation in Switzerland. A similar reaction it is predicted will be received from Stockholm. Would [Page 959] appreciate your reactions based on Bern visit. ES considers Swiss already aware of our general position. Recently Swiss Chargé urged deletion3 of Scintilla, majority stock in which is German [sic]. Oliver told him control under Swiss freezing decree not sufficient for deletion and intimated occupying powers would have to consider their rights to German shares. Chargé intimated Switzerland would help if deletion could be expected. At this stage consider telegrams from various sources apt to confuse missions. Suggest your reply be sent only to Department.

  1. Sent to the Secretary of State at Babelsberg over the signature of Grew.
  2. Document No. 994.
  3. From the Proclaimed List of Certain Blocked Nationals.