800.515/7–2545: Telegram

No. 994
The Acting Chief of the Division of Economic Security Controls ( Oliver ) to the Director of the Office of Financial and Development Policy ( Collado )1


122. For Collado from Oliver.

Our Embassy Madrid jumped gun and joined with Brit in formally notifying Spaniards that powers occupying Germany “claim title to or control of German owned or German controlled assets and requesting that Spanish Govt take no action which would conflict with this control which must be recognized as having come into existence.” This is limit of Brit agreement at this time. Brit do not wish to mention ACC or any other body as source of authority. Fortunately French had grudgingly consented to joint warnings before Madrid acted. Dept has now instructed Missions in Stockholm, Bern, Lisbon and Ankara to take similar steps.2 Would have preferred slight variation in Madrid’s wording, but Brit here said changes would have to be referred again to London. Action at Ankara must await British concurrence.

  1. Sent to the Secretary of State at Babelsberg over the signature of Grew.
  2. See document No. 991.