740.00119 E. W./7–3045

No. 950
The Commander in Chief of the Soviet Forces of Occupation in Germany ( Zhukov ) to Generalissimo Stalin 1


Report of Marshal Zhukov on the Removal by the Allies of Rolling Stock From the Soviet Zone of Occupation

I report that while withdrawing their troops from our zone temporarily occupied by them Americans and British have removed without our agreement the following rolling stock—


1. Erfurt Railroad Board
Loaded goods cars— 9722
Passenger cars— 278
Locomotives of all types 87
2. Magdeburg Railroad Section
Loaded goods cars— 655
Empty goods cars— 939
Passenger cars— 322
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1. Schwerin Railroad Board
Loaded goods cars— 36
Empty goods cars— 1200
Locomotives of all types 15

total removed

By Americans By British Total
Loaded goods cars 10377 36 10413
Empty goods cars 939 1200 2139
Passenger cars 600 600
Locomotives of all types 15 102

Please bring up before the Allies the question of returning to our zone of occupation the abovementioned rolling stock as we in our zone experience acute shortage of rolling stock.

  1. The subject matter of this report was discussed by Stalin in the Eleventh Plenary Meeting, July 31. See ante, p. 514.