Pauley Files

No. 949
The Adviser on Administration and Political Science on the United States Delegation to the Allied Commission on Reparations ( Gulick ) to the Representative on the Allied Commission on Reparations ( Pauley )


Subject: Additional evidence on German [Soviet?] removals from Berlin.

We have three new reports on removals from Berlin. These are as follows:
Report on industrial removals from the Russian sector observed on July 28 by Sproul, Mahler, Trone and Johnson.
Report on Art removals by USSR from US sector by John Nicholas Brown for the US Group, Control Council, RD & R Div. as of July 29.
Report on removals of property belonging to US citizens and Neutrals from US sector, as of July 29, by Capt. Arthur D. Reed for G–5, Berlin District.
New material in these reports is as follows:
Removal of raw materials, scrap and cable machinery, including wire twisters and insulation weaving machines, is reported from the Russian sector, also domestic sewing machines.
Most of the public Art collections of Berlin were apparently stored for protection in the Flakturm at the Zoo, and in four buildings in the US–UK Sectors of Berlin. The distinctive and valuable material has been removed by the Russians, including especially the sculptures, paintings, antiquities, art libraries, and German Volk arts. The removals were selective, much material of second rate importance remains.
The Reed report lists 20 American owned plants and installations which have been removed 20% to 100%. These are:
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Percent of Machinery Usable Removed Since Armistice
Anaconda Copper Co. (51% US Owned) 100
International Business Machines (80% US Owned) 40
Combustion Engineering Co. 100
Gillette Safety Razor Co. (Three plants) 100
International Tel and Tel:
C. Lorenz Plant 80
Mix and Genest Plant 95
Ferdinand Schuchhardt Shops 100
American Radiator Co. 100
Metals Coating Company 20
Ford Motor Company Shops 100
Intertype Corporation 100
National Cash Register 100
Underwood–Elliott Fisher 100
Horst von Hemming (33% US owned) (medical accessories) 100
General Electric Co. (Two plants in US Zone) 100
Paramount Pictures 100 (projectors and films)
Valentin 100 Stocks
F. W. Woolworth & Company 100 Stocks
L[uther] G[ulick ]
  1. On the original Gulick’s initials appear at the head of the memorandum.