740.00119 (Potsdam)/7–3145

No. 920
Proposal by the Soviet Delegation

top secret

Plan of Reparations From Germany

1. The total sum of Reparations 20 billion dollars which is accepted for consideration has to be covered approximately 50% by the way of once for all removals from the national wealth of Germany within two years after the capitulation and approximately 50% by the way of the annual deliveries in kind within 10 years after the capitulation.

2. The once for all removals from the national wealth of Germany are to be exacted from the following branches of her economic life:

Billion dollars
1. War and chemical industries (aircraft production, tank production, naval shipbuilding, arms and ammunition production, production of powder and explosives, synthetic rubber and fuel, artificial fibre, cellulose, Koke-Chemie) 2, 0– 2, 2
2. Iron and steel, non-ferrous metals, engineering (including electrical industry), coal, power stations 2, 3– 2, 7
3. Building industry, textiles, food industry, printing, transport (including water transport), communications (radio, telephone, telegraph), equipment of ports, warehouses, etc. 1, 8– 2, 0
4. Foreign investments and claims of Germany 1, 1– 1, 4
5. Shares of German enterprises (railways, ports, canals, etc.), foreign currency, precious metals 1, 9– 2, 3
6. Miscellaneous 0, 9– 1, 2
10, 0– 11, 8

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For the purpose of removals German property situated on the territory of Germany in 1937 frontiers as well as German property abroad.

3. To fix the following approximate list of goods with which the postwar Germany has to pay her annual deliveries in kind:

Coal, brickets Sugar
Chemicals (drugs, dyes, potassium etc.) Cattle, agricultural products Ceramics
Machinery, tools Medical instruments
Cement, building materials Optical apparatus
Timber, paper River shipbuilding

4. To fix the total sum of annual deliveries in kind [at] 1 billion dollars per annum or 10 billion dollars in 10 years. To ask Allied Commission on Reparations to make more detailed calculations concerning these deliveries.

5. The basis of calculations are prices of 1938 plus 15% on equipment and 10% on raw materials and finished goods.

6. The rate of exchange: 1 dollar equals 3.5 marks.

  1. Although another copy of this proposal (file No. 740.00119 Potsdam/8–245) is headed, “Soviet Plan of Reparations From Germany—July 24, 1945”, this is apparently the paper circulated at the Sixth Meeting of the Foreign Ministers, July 23. See ante, p. 277.