Pauley Files: Telegram

No. 919
The Delegation to the Allied Commission on Reparations to the Representative on the Allied Commission on Reparations ( Pauley )1


Deane’s party Berlin for Ambassador Pauley from Sproul, Bergson and Abramovitz signed Deane M 25095 ( Confmess 14).

Reurtel Confrep number 8, 23 July.2 Under each head below, A refers to East Prussia; B refers to area north of Goldap–Braunsberg line. Memel and Sudauen are excluded throughout. All value figures are Reichsmarks and refer to 1938.

Total assets in manufacturing and mining, excluding land, mineral deposits and inventories: A equals 260,000,000, B equals 160,000,000.
Physically movable assets in manufacturing and mining: A equals 170,000,000, B equals 100,000,000.
Based on value added the output of manufacturing and mining: A equals 380,000,000 or about 1% of total for old Reich, B equals 230,000,000.
Value of livestock and agricultural equipment: A equals about 1,000,000,000, B equals 350,000,000.
Based on gross value of production, output of agriculture in A equals about 1,000,000,000 or 7% of total for old Reich; B equals 350,000,000.
  1. Sent by the United States Military Mission, Moscow, via Army channels. Cf. document No. 928.
  2. See document No. 914, footnote 1.