740.00119 Control (Rumania)/7–3145

No. 829
Proposal by the Soviet Delegation 1

Revised Procedure of the Allied Control Commission in Rumania, Bulgaria and Hungary

The Three Governments have noted that the Soviet representatives in the Allied Control Commissions in Rumania, Bulgaria and Hungary have communicated to their colleagues of the United Kingdom and of the United States proposals on the improvement of the work of the Control Commissions when the hostilities in Europe have terminated.

The Three Governments have agreed that a revision of the procedures of the Allied Control Commissions in these countries will now be made, taking into consideration the interests and the responsibilities of the Three Governments which jointly presented the conditions of the armistice to the respective countries and taking as a basis with respect to all three countries the proposals of the Soviet Government for Hungary, which are enclosed herewith.2

  1. This paper appears to be a Soviet revision of document No. 828 and to have formed the basis of the section of the Protocol on this subject, although the English text of this section of the Protocol used wording from document No. 828 rather than from this translation. See document No. 1383, section xii (xi), and ante, p. 575.
  2. For a translation of the enclosure, see document No. 1383, annex to section xii (xi).