Department of the Army Files: Telegram

No. 815
The Chief of the Military Representation on the Allied Control Commission for Rumania (Schuyler) to the War Department1

M 1296. AFHQ pass to War OpDiv, OpNav, DNI, War G–2 info to ComGenMed, ACC Bulgaria, ACC Hungary from Schuyler Rumania.

In my M 1240 of 16 July2 I listed specific objections to the attitude displayed by General Susaikov in the administration of the affairs of the Allied Control Commission. I had hoped that the changes in Allied Control Commission Policy announced by General Susaikov on 16 July and reported in my M 1250 of 16 July3 presaged a more cooperative spirit on the part of the Soviet officials in solving mutual problems. Accordingly on 18 July I advised General Susaikov that I proposed to inspect the Danube Ports of Brăila Galatz Tulcea and Sulina and requested his assistance in procuring coal for a vessel made available by the International Danube Commission for the purpose. On 21 July I received a report that General Susaikov’s authority extends no further than Selatz [Galatz?]. As the Allied Control Commission currently has representatives at Tulcea and Sulina this reply is not acceptable.

The incident is considered important in its bearing on possible changes in the procedure and method of operation of the Allied Control Commission. Recommended changes were included in my M 1250 [1240] of 16 July.2 Nevertheless unless the rights and powers [Page 716] of the American Representative are clearly and unequivocally expressed ameliorative changes in procedure would be nullified by the negative and uncooperative attitude of the Soviet Representatives on the Allied Control Commission.

  1. Sent to the Commanding General, United States Army Forces, Mediterranean Theater of Operations, Caserta, for relay. Received by the United States Delegation to the Berlin Conference on July 26 as a retransmission from the War Department.
  2. Document No. 793.
  3. See document No. 797, footnote 3.
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