Department of the Army Files: Telegram

No. 793
The Chief of the Military Representation on the Allied Control Commission for Rumania (Schuyler) to the War Department1
top secret

Top secret. M 1240. AFHQ pass to AGWar for War OPD info to ComGenMed, ACC Hungary and ACC Bulgaria from Schuyler Rumania.

In my M–1227 of 13 [14] July,2 I outlined certain additional rights and privileges which I feel this delegation should be authorized to exercise if we are to be able to carry our full share of duties and responsibilities as US Representatives on the Allied Control Commission for Rumania.

It is earnestly hoped that some definite agreement with respect to these rights and privileges will be arrived at during the course of the Berlin Conference. On the basis of my 8 months experience here and in view of the uncooperative attitude which has been exhibited [Page 687] by the Russians throughout that period, I feel that specific and detailed agreement on the highest levels is absolutely essential to the proper continuance of our work here.

It must be remembered that the Allied Control Commission, as it now operates, is the supreme authority in Rumania; it is a policy making body and an executive agency as well; it exercises complete and autocratic control over all phases of Rumanian national life; hence, even though we may secure certain concessions which result in a broadening of the present Rumanian Government so as to render it more nearly representative of all parties, nevertheless such concessions might and probably would be completely nullified by actions of the Allied Control Commission unless we could assume ourselves a suitable executive role on that body.

For these reasons, the importance of securing for this delegation the minimum additional rights and privileges set forth in my M–1227 cannot be overemphasized.

  1. Sent to the Supreme Allied Commander, Allied Force Headquarters, Caserta, for relay. Received by the United States Delegation to the Berlin Conference on July 17 as a retransmission from the War Department.
  2. Document No. 318, printed in vol. i.