740.00119 Potsdam/7–2145

No. 805
Proposal by the United States Delegation1
top secret

Policy Toward Rumania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Finland

The objectives of the three Governments with regard to Rumania Bulgaria, Hungary and Finland, as in the case of Italy,2 are the early achievement of political independence and economic recovery, and the exercise of the right of the respective peoples ultimately to choose their own form of government.

The preparation of peace treaties with Rumania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Finland will be undertaken by the Council of Foreign Ministers as soon as possible.3
The three Governments will make such public declarations on matters of joint concern with respect to these countries as may be appropriate.
The three Governments recommend to the respective Control Commissions that steps be taken for the progressive transfer of responsibility to the Rumanian, Bulgarian, Hungarian and Finnish Governments, respectively.
The three Governments agree to the revision of the respective terms of armistices with these countries as clauses thereof may become inoperative.
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