740.00119 Potsdam/7–2145

No. 1092
Proposal by the United States Delegation1
top secret

Policy Toward Italy

The objectives of the Three Governments with regard to Italy are directed toward her early political independence and economic recovery, and the right of the Italian people ultimately to choose their own form of government.

The Three Governments agree to certain steps which would afford some further acknowledgement of Italian contribution toward the defeat of Germany.

The Three Governments will publicly announce their intention to conclude a peace treaty with Italy at an early date coupled with an undertaking to provide Italy with such economic assistance as is practicable and reiterating the desirability of early elections in Italy.
The Allied Commission in Italy will accelerate the steps already taken to transfer increasing responsibilities to the Italian Government.
The Three Governments agree to instruct their respective Ambassadors in Italy, in consultation with the Supreme Allied Commander, together to place before their respective governments before September 1, 1945 a report stipulating those provisions of the terms of surrender to be henceforth considered as inoperative, for approval of the Three Governments.
  1. Submitted to the Fourth Meeting of the Foreign Ministers, July 21, See ante, p. 194.