740.00119 EAC/7–3045: Telegram

No. 789
The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the United Kingdom ( Winant )
top secret

Victory 440. To American Embassy, London, information State Department, Washington, D. C. For Winant.

Re your 65481, July 28, repeated to Department 7606, Comea [Page 683] 3451 and re your 65482, July 28, repeated to Department as 7607, Comea 3462 and re your 281045, July 28.3

United States Government has approved three proposed public statements re zones of occupation in Austria, control machinery in Austria and consultation with governments of other United Nations in exercising four-power authority in Austria. US Government approves simultaneous issuance three joint statements in four capitals at a time to be determined in each. Publication of three joint statements should not precede publication of conference communiqué. Each might agree that three joint statements be issued 24 or 48 hours after publication of conference communiqué.

Mosely has informed Gousev of US approval of three statements and of proposal for their issuance immediately after conference communiqué. Gousev has not yet reported re Soviet clearance of three statements and timing of their publication.

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