Truman Papers

No. 769
Proposal by the Soviet Delegation 1

Regarding Reparations From Austria

To establish the general sum of reparations from Austria of $250,000,000, to be liquidated in equal parts during six years commencing with July 1, 1945.
To exact reparations generally in the form of deliveries of products of Austrian industry.
Reparations to be exacted to compensate for losses caused by the war to the Soviet Union, Great Britain, the United States of America, Yugoslavia.
  1. Enclosure 1 to the Rapporteur’s report of the Ninth Meeting of the Foreign Ministers, July 27. See ante, p. 447. This proposal was submitted, however, at the Seventh Meeting of the Foreign Ministers, July 24. See ante, p. 323.
  2. Another translation in the Pauley Files is so dated.