Pauley Files

No. 767
United States Delegation Working Paper1

U. S. Position on Removals From Austria

Removals of property from Austria, whether as war booty, reparations, restitution, exports, or otherwise shall be limited to the following:

All finished war material, not including equipment used to produce war material. What constitutes war material shall be defined by the Control Council for Austria.
Such equipment especially adapted to the production of war material as may be approved by the Control Council.
Stocks of goods and current production during the period of six years from July 1, 1945, to the extent approved by the Control Council. The Control Council shall be guided by the principle that the necessary means must be provided for payment of imports before reparation deliveries are made from stocks of goods or current production.
Restitutions of identifiable art, religious, historical educational or cultural objects and such other property as may be approved by the Control Council.
Exports which are paid for in currencies acceptable to the Control Council.

  1. This paper bears the drafting initials “JD” [Josiah DuBois?].