500.CC/7-2645: Telegram

No. 739
The Alternate Delegate to the Preparatory Commission of the United Nations (Gerig) to the Special Assistant to the Secretary of State (Pasvolsky) and the Director of the Office of Special Political Affairs (Hiss)1

7519. Copre 2. From Gerig for Pasvolsky and Hiss.

Meeting at Potsdam yesterday considered the question of the officers of ExCom (Executive Committee), and PreCo, (Preparatory Committee), Jebb flying over to attend.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

British thinking of proposing that present mandatory powers be provisional members trusteeship council, which together with all other permanent members and elected members, would enable trusteeship council to organize and act provisionally, pending negotiation of agreements. Believe this would be feasible and would hasten and facilitate negotiation of agreements. Soviet raised question at Potsdam of their being a trust power.2

  1. Sent to the Acting Secretary of State over the signature of Winant.
  2. See document No. 733.