No. 733
Proposal by the Soviet Delegation
top secret

On Trust Territories

Russian Proposal Presented to Foreign Ministers July 20, 19451

In connection with the fact that the Charter of the United Nations Organization2 provides for bringing into effect the trusteeship system, the Conference deems necessary to lay down in conformity with the Charter measures for settlement, in the nearest future, of the question of the trust territories. By this are understood categories of territories defined in decision of the Crimean Conference3 and in the above mentioned Charter of the International Security Organization.

For the purpose of elaborating practical measures in order to bring into effect provisions on trusteeship system provided in the Charter the Conference deems necessary to authorize the Council of Foreign Ministers to consider in detail this question and work out practical proposals. In considering the question of preparing such proposals on category of territories which are detached from enemy states, the Council of Foreign Ministers shall be guided by the necessity of solution in the nearest future of the problem relating to the terms of trusteeship on the former colonial possessions of Italy in Africa and in the Mediterranean having in view herewith the possibility of establishing the trusteeship system exercised by individual states or by USSR, USA, and Great Britain jointly on the above-mentioned former colonial possessions of Italy.

The Council of Foreign Ministers shall also work out practical measures for reaching agreements on trusteeship system provided by the Charter of the United Nations including proposals on the further regime of territories now held under mandate of the League of Nations.

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