500.CC/7–1645 Telegram

No. 723
The Acting Secretary of State to the Secretary of State

32. London’s 7146, July 151 reports Eden is to discuss with you our proposed announcement of support for Ital admission to World Security Organization (our 16, July 112), Brit meanwhile urging we [Page 623] withhold announcement until Ital status discussed at Big Three meeting.

We still feel that it is important both here and abroad to announce our support as soon as possible after Ital declaration of war on Japan (officially announced yesterday). Moreover in the light of SAC’s3 report (Caserta’s 2964, July 154) on Brit FonOff position re Italy … we believe it even more necessary to issue following statement without awaiting Big-Three discussions.

Begin Statement. The Govt of the US is convinced time has come to recognize new democratic Italy—allied with UNations in war against Germany and now in war against Japan—as member of family of nations. It therefore intends to support Italy’s admission to World Security Organization as soon as that Organization is in position to consider this application for membership.

This decision does not spring from the consideration that Italy has already paid heavily—and will long continue to pay—for the fascist crimes conceived on Ital soil. It is motivated by conviction that cause of world freedom, peace, and progress requires bringing into World Security Organization the energies of every nation as soon as it can prove dedication to that cause; and it is based on spirit and achievements of Ital people in this sense during past two years of grave moral and material suffering. The people of Italy have thrown off Fascism, established democratic laws and procedures, formed a representative govt, fought courageously and well against Germans, joined in struggle against Japan. They merit the recognition of the UNations for their contribution as cobelligerents and the support of the UNations in their earnest efforts to build a sound democratic pol and econ order so that they will not again be brought through confusion into totalitarianism. End Statement.

Do you approve of issuing this statement July 18? We would likewise inform the other permanent members of the Security Council of our proposed announcement.