740.00119 Potsdam/7–2545

United States Delegation Working Paper

Subcommittees With Pending Business

1.Economic Subcommittee.

Assignments: German Economic Questions.
German Reparations.
Austrian Reparations.
Italian Reparations.
Oil for Western Europe.
U. S. Representatives: Mr. Clayton.
Mr. Pauley.
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2. Subcommittee on Admission to the United Nations.

Assignment: Drafting a statement in regard to admission to the United Nations of Italy, Rumania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Finland and neutral countries and the non-admission of Spain.
U. S. Representatives: Mr. Matthews.
Mr. Cannon.

3. Subcommittee on Implementation of the Yalta Declaration.

Assignment: Drafting a statement on the implementation of the Yalta Declaration on Liberated Europe and the Satellite States.
U. S. Representatives: Mr. Russell.
Mr. Cannon.

4. Subcommittee on Cooperation in Solving Immediate European Economic Problems.

Assignment: Discussing the scope and functions of the EEC, ECO and EITO [ECITO].
U. S. Representatives: Mr. Clayton.
Mr. Pauley.

5. Subcommittee on Directives to Military Commanders in Germany.

Assignment: To prepare directives for issuance, after consultation with the French, to the Allied military commanders in Germany in regard to the agreements reached at this Conference.
U. S. Representatives: Mr. Murphy.
Mr. Riddleberger.

6. Subcommittee on Navigation of Inland Waterways.

Assignment: To recommend action on U. S. paper2 on free and unrestricted navigation of international inland waterways.
U. S. Representatives: Mr. Russell.
Mr. Riddleberger.

7. Subcommittee on Transfer of German Populations from Czechoslovakia, Poland and Hungary.

Assignment: To prepare a concrete proposal on this subject.
U. S. Representative: Mr. Cannon.
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8. Subcommittee on the Protocol.

Assignment: To prepare the protocol of the Conference.
U. S. Representatives: Mr. Dunn.
Mr. Matthews.
Mr. Cohen.

9. Subcommittee on the Communiqué.

Assignment: To prepare the communiqué of the Conference.
U. S. Representatives: Mr. Brown.
Mr. Foote.
  1. The date appears as a manuscript notation on the file copy.
  2. Document No. 755, post. Cf. document No. 758, post.