740.00119 Potsdam/7–2045

No. 1423
Proposal by the Soviet Delegation 1


Since in Greece today the public order is disturbed and law is not observed, and it is clear that the Varkiza agreement3 between the Greek Government and democratic elements is not being observed it is proposed that the Government of Great Britain urge the Regent of Greece to change the composition of the Greek Government in spirit of the agreement reached at Varkiza, February 12, 1945, between representatives of the then existing government of Greece and representatives of Greek democracy.

  1. This is presumably the paper on Greece circulated by the Soviet Delegation on July 30. See ante, pp. 525, 537. Cf. document No. 1064. This prop was apparently withdrawn by Stalin at the Eleventh Plenary Meeting, July 31. See ante, pp. 525 (footnote 46), 537.
  2. Prepared for this volume by the Division of Language Services, Department of State.
  3. See vol. i, documents Nos. 442 and 443. The text of the Varkiza Agreement is printed in Woodhouse, Apple of Discord, p. 308.