740.00119 Potsdam/7–2045

No. 1422
Proposal by the Soviet Delegation1


The British and United States Governments have already taken measures to prevent the alienation to third parties of property of all kinds belonging to the Polish State located on their territory and under their control, whatever the form of this property may be. They are ready to take immediate measures for the transfer of this property, as well as vessels of the Polish Merchant Marine, to the disposal of the Polish Provisional Government as soon as possible. To this end they are prepared to discuss with properly accredited representatives of the Polish Provisional Government the manner and time of such transfer.

All facilities will be given to the Polish Government of National Unity for the return to it, in accordance with the laws of the U. S. A. and Great Britain, of any property which may have been wrongfully alienated.

  1. Presumably submitted to the Subcommittee on Poland.
  2. Prepared for this volume by the Division of Language Services, Department of State.