740.00119 Potsdam/8–745: Telegram

No. 1409
The Ambassador in France (Caffery) to the Secretary of State

us urgent

4773. There follows translation of note dated August 7 handed me by Bidault this evening (my 4769, August 71)

Mr. Ambassador, By your communication of August first,2 you were kind enough to inform me that the Govt of the united States in accord with the Govts of the United Kingdom and of the Union of [Page 1553] Soviet Socialist Republics invited the provisional Govt of the French Republic to participate in the work of the Allied Reparations Commission.

The French Govt accepts with much pleasure the invitation which has been extended to it.

It has designated Mr. Robert Coulondre, ex-Ambassador of France to Moscow and to Berlin, to represent it on this Commission as First Delegate, and Mr. Rueff, Inspector General of Finances, as Assistant Delegate.

Referring to the communication which was made to it on August second,3 the French Govt reserves the right to make known at a later date its point of view on the economic principles which should govern the control of Germany, especially insofar as the contemplated basis for a settlement of the reparations problem is concerned.

  1. Document No. 1405.
  2. Document No. 1399.
  3. This apparently refers to a communication from the British Embassy at Paris to the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs dated August 2, with which were enclosed copies of the texts agreed upon at the Conference with respect to economic principles to govern the treatment of Germany and reparations from Germany. Cf. ante, p. 572.