Mikołajczyk Papers

No. 1391
Diary Entry by the Polish Deputy Prime Minister ( Mikołajczyk )


In the evening Mr. Bierut was invited to see Marshal Stalin,1 who informed him that the Americans had presented their boundary proposal based on the Lower Neisse2 and the line of the Oder, including Stettin.3 Marshal Stalin asked whether, in view of the fact that the Americans had gone farther, the Polish side would not agree to certain concessions, e. g., the line of the Queiss [Kwisa] instead of the Lausitzer Neisse. After consultations with experts it was decided that we should possibly agree, not to the Lower Neisse, but only with regard to the watershed line between the Queiss and the Lausitzer Neisse. That would deprive us of some water installations but would not affect the industry of Silesia.

  1. Stalin was indisposed and had not been able to attend a plenary meeting of the Berlin Conference on July 29.
  2. i. e., the Glatzer Neisse.
  3. See document No. 1151. See also the map facing p. 1152, ante.