Mikołajczyk Papers

No. 1390
Diary Entry by the Polish Deputy Prime Minister (Mikołajczyk)


… The rest of the group1 was at a conference with the Soviet authorities. It was decided that all dismantling of industrial enterprises must be stopped, and that the dismantling of 123 enterprises must be ended before August 7 according to the enclosed plan.2 All other dismantling is to be considered illegal. One hundred fifteen thousand railroad cars are to be set aside from the rolling stock as Polish cars and the property of the Polish Government. This number included around 18,000 disabled cars. Out of 50,000 loaded cars which are blocking traffic, 20,000 are to be unloaded and the rest taken out before September 15.

  1. The reference is apparently to the members of the Polish Delegation other than Mikołajczyk.
  2. Not found.