740.00119 Potsdam/7–1445

No. 1330
Proposal by the British Delegation 1

P. ( Terminal ) 16


Memorandum by the United Kingdom Delegation

His Majesty’s Government and the Soviet Government are maintaining their troops in Persia by virtue of the Anglo-Soviet-Persian Treaty of the 29th June [January], 1942, under Article 5 of which these forces are to be withdrawn from Persia “not later than six months after all hostilities between the Allied Powers and Germany and her Satellites had been suspended”. His Majesty’s Government have suggested to the Soviet Government that the Allied forces should be withdrawn from Persia pari passu and in stages before the final treaty date is reached. The Soviet Government have not, however, replied.

In His Majesty’s Government’s view the time has now come for the complete joint withdrawal of Allied forces from Persia and they propose that this should take place in three stages as follows:—
British and Soviet forces would be withdrawn completely from Tehran at once;
After the completion of the first stage, British and Soviet troops would be withdrawn from the whole of Persia except that British [Page 1392] troops would remain in Abadan and the southern oilfields area and Soviet troops would remain in a zone in either north-east or northwest Persia;
On the completion of the second stage, British troops would be withdrawn from Abadan and the oilfields area in south Persia and Soviet troops would be withdrawn from the last area in which their troops were stationed in either north-east or north-west Persia.
If this proposal is accepted the demarcation of the withdrawal zones can be worked out afterwards.
  1. Eden gave notice at the Fourth Meeting of the Foreign Ministers, July 21, that he was circulating this paper, but it was apparently not actually circulated until after the Fifth Meeting of the Foreign Ministers, July 22. See ante, pp. 195, 237.