No. 1253
The Secretary of State to the Soviet Foreign Commissar (Molotov)1

I am transmitting herewith for your information copy of a declaration which is being issued by the President of the United States, the President of the National Government of the Republic of China, and the Prime Minister of Great Britain, on the aims and purposes of the war against Japan.2

This declaration has been given to the press for release and publication tomorrow morning.3

  1. Printed from a copy of the body of the communication subsequently typed in the Department of State.
  2. Document No. 1382.
  3. Concerning Molotov’s reaction to this message, see ante, pp. 449450. Concerning Soviet adherence to the proclamation of July 26, see document No. 1382, footnote 1. Concerning French “consent” to the proclamation, see document No. 1412.