740.00119 PW/8–1145

No. 1412
The French Ambassador (Bonnet) to the Secretary of State

No. 558

Mr. Secretary of State: I have the honor to inform you, by order of my Government, that the latter has given its full consent to the ultimatum sent to Japan on July 26 last by the American, British, and Chinese Governments.1

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In fact, France, a riparian power in the Pacific, was one of the first victims of Japanese aggression. It has been officially at war with Japan since December 8, 1941. Certain of its territories in the Pacific are still under Japanese occupation. Its troops are fighting there and its vessels are taking part in the operations directed against Japan by the Inter-Allied Command.

Consequently, and by order of my Government, I have the honor to request that it be made a party to the discussions now being held between the Allied Powers regarding Japan’s offer of surrender, and be permitted to participate in the signing of the instrument of surrender.

Accept [etc.]

H Bonnet